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Gokusho,Hakata's "COOL!" Report by Jasmin

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  • 2011年02月04日
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At the next day I went to Himeji by Shinkansen.
It was such a nice fealing to travel without my heavy baggage. In Osaka i decided to search for a post office to send some thing home but it couldn't find one near. So I had just one last chance traveling alive.
Many of my things became garbage to me. I just left them at the hotel.
I really wished to see the faces of the employees of the hotel ^^

While I was reading a book I saw a bridge looking famous to me.
On the way back I could take a picture of it.
You have just to look at the background. What does it remaind you? (Hint: Amerika)


When I arrived in Himeji first of all I searched for the tourist info.
After I got a map I walk a longer way straight.

I arrived at the castle place and got very fast dissapointed....
That was a normal fact during my traveling time: EVERYWHERE in Japan are building sites -.-
Therefore I couldn't get into the main tower....

Looking at a poster a woman started to talk to me. She's a volunteer at the castle. Therefore she wanted to make a tour with me for FREE :D
Like some of you know me, "free" was one of my favourite words the time I stayed in Japan.
So my answer was of course: YES

After one minute walking we met a man and a woman. The man drew faces of the guests. The woman was a real geisha :D
At that day many spacials were held at the castle :D :D
for FREE ;P
They also asked me if I wanted to get dressed in a kimono. I have got a yukata myself and I didn't want my leader to wait for me :)  But I wanted to have a nice picture. After mine was finished my volunteer wanted to one for herself.
The man and the woman were very nice and funny. I tried to talk Japanese with them. But....you know....it is kinda hard... ^^

Then I could get a picture with the geisha :D


Oh, now I nearly forget about the ninjas ^^


And a few minutes later I got a new picture:


Because of the rain which started later some events didn't start.... -.-

After the last picture a longer tour started. Here are some pictures for you :D

CIMG8236.JPG    CIMG8247.JPG

CIMG8256.JPG    CIMG8261.JPG

CIMG8280.JPG    CIMG8300.JPG

Just a last picture with my volunteer and later with a samurai:

CIMG8296.JPG    CIMG8299.JPG

After I visited the castle I wanted to go to the koko en (japanese garden). On my way I found my favourite picture of the day:


and this one:


what kind of crime happend here? o_O
Whis this sectret I leave you alone for today!
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