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Accompanies through an exciting journey through Hakata. - by Kerstin

Guten Tag!

Accompanies through an exciting journey through Hakata!


  • 2012年09月19日
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SEP 14, 2012




Horr3.jpg shoot1.jpg
crazy bananas
the horror house
on the shooting stand


One of the three major festivals in Hakata is the Hojoya, which the staff and I visited on Friday. It takes about one week, from the 12 to the 18 of September and leads from the Hakozaki-gu Shrine to the beach of Hakata Bay. Pretty many people, I've read about one million, visit this festival every year. It was actually really full. There are a large variety of stalls, where you can not only eat Yakitori and Takoyaki but

also play games. You can pray, watch pictures with Hakata Ohajiki, draw lots or watch Self-promoter. There is a horror house, in which the boss, his son, my manager and I were... I've read this festival has a pretty long history, it is about one thousand years old and started originally as a ceremony of realising captive animals. Now, it is held to give thanks for the autumn harvest.

pic1.jpg Shingun1.jpg
Hakata Ohajiki delicious sweets
HaShrine1.jpg horr5.jpg
Hakozaki-gu Shrine This is written by Homare Sawa, a Japanese football player. I think it means something like the proverb "Dreams is not to have it is to make come true"
ingwer2.jpg fish5.jpg
ginger fish on the spit 

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